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01 January 2010 @ 04:25 pm
happy new year  
i'm only here because i want an LJ post on new year's day;
i don't even have anything substantial in mind to say!

alright, how about a rather cliché and boring reflection on year 2009?
to sum up, i'm gonna miss being a JC student and being a part of the Rafflesian family.
that really feels like what 2009 was mostly about: being preoccupied with the fact that we were J2s about to sit for major exams signalling the end of our time in RJC.
at least the 2nd half of the year seemed something like that.

thankfully the first 6 months were a bit more thrilling, what with Camp Interact and YOUth Got Heart and SYF and Dance Night...
a tough period of time, no doubt, but i would do it all over again if i could.
it's really saddening to let go when certain things have become such an important part of my life.

recently, i keep dealing with bouts of worry over release of 'A' level results.
after the initial relief settles down, one really starts to think about whether more could have been done.
of course the answer is yes; one can never do enough, right?
...screw it. i don't want the month of march to ever come.

the start of 2010 ain't all that exciting. my dad is lazing on the sofa watching concert DVDs,
my mum is in a room watching an elderly karaoke competition,
and my sister is next to me using her own laptop.
my only consolation is that it's a weekday and that means TV NIGHT
can't miss out on my dose of local entertainment!

i'll end off with this oh-so-interesting moment of self-indulgence: i enjoy the sight of my black and silver-glittery nails being reflected on my laptop screen as i type. sweet. :)
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