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07 February 2010 @ 05:41 pm
two words: spring cleaning  
it is that dreaded time of the year again
when mummy and daddy stay home to give the house a makeover
and the children are expected to pitch in.

after changing my bedsheets, i spent 3 hours going through old school files and sorting out my papers into 3 piles:
one for those that were only printed on a single side,
one to be sent for recycling (cos i'm green like that)
and one for things that i cannot bear to throw away, so they go back to the files.

among the stuff that i decided to keep were social studies notes, 315 newsletters and a certain potato of love.
(fifteeners if anyone of you reads this, it's SO ironic that plenty of ms chia's stuff are actually worth re-reading!)

so i now have a lot more empty ring files and re-usable dividers (read: saved a lot of $$$).
although i haven't progressed beyond that one cupboard of files, i'm still feeling accomplished!
it takes so much effort just to clear up a corner of my study room. urgh.
also i've discovered bugs that literally look like walking balls of dust.
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished