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01 January 2010 @ 04:25 pm
i'm only here because i want an LJ post on new year's day;
i don't even have anything substantial in mind to say!

alright, how about a rather cliché and boring reflection on year 2009?
to sum up, i'm gonna miss being a JC student and being a part of the Rafflesian family.
that really feels like what 2009 was mostly about: being preoccupied with the fact that we were J2s about to sit for major exams signalling the end of our time in RJC.
at least the 2nd half of the year seemed something like that.

thankfully the first 6 months were a bit more thrilling, what with Camp Interact and YOUth Got Heart and SYF and Dance Night...
a tough period of time, no doubt, but i would do it all over again if i could.
it's really saddening to let go when certain things have become such an important part of my life.

recently, i keep dealing with bouts of worry over release of 'A' level results.
after the initial relief settles down, one really starts to think about whether more could have been done.
of course the answer is yes; one can never do enough, right?
...screw it. i don't want the month of march to ever come.

the start of 2010 ain't all that exciting. my dad is lazing on the sofa watching concert DVDs,
my mum is in a room watching an elderly karaoke competition,
and my sister is next to me using her own laptop.
my only consolation is that it's a weekday and that means TV NIGHT
can't miss out on my dose of local entertainment!

i'll end off with this oh-so-interesting moment of self-indulgence: i enjoy the sight of my black and silver-glittery nails being reflected on my laptop screen as i type. sweet. :)
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28 December 2009 @ 03:40 pm
i seriously think that Sylvia's chances were ruined by Ken Lim last night.
his opening speech seemed like an attempt to sway voters towards the female finalist, but it backfired instead.
obviously Sezairi's camp would have voted even more furiously to prove Ken wrong...
well all i'm waiting for now is the release of the percentage of votes. if it's another landslide victory like Hady's 70-30 win, then at least we know that Sezairi has truly captured the hearts of the majority.

will they still bother with Singapore Idol 4 after this? ah well. for profitability, yes. but i'm sure more than a few people are feeling a bit disgruntled with the show by now.

another thing which the grand finale has shown me: the first Idol will always undoubtedly be remembered as the first Idol. he's simply unsurpassable by any other local Idol with his incredible showmanship!! -swoons- and of course, second Idol just effortlessly and single-handedly charms the crowd no matter how many males there are onstage with him. :P

it's the 2nd day since i returned from Melbourne and uploading photos is SERIOUSLY A PAIN IN THE ASS.
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19 December 2009 @ 02:39 am
what is wrong with me?
xiaxue's wedding proposal video actually made me cry o.O
then again it's no secret that i'm a fan of her series of Guide To Life videos, so it's kinda sweet that she finally got her happy ending! now i'm just waiting for her to post their love story of three years.
...shit i need to sound less like a stalker.

on to tv.
will i EVER be able to get enough of channel 8 dramas? ....nahhh i don't think so.
right now other than following the 7pm and 9pm ones, i even watch the 4.30pm drama with my mum.
fine that last one is actually made in China (with a rojak cast of Chinese, Taiwanese and maybe others) so it's not local, but still DAMN GOOD.
plotwise it is definitely superior, but when it comes to eye candy i'm sticking to local fare!

...but shucks, Dai Yangtian ain't local either :S
NEVER MIND, ZHANG YAODONG AND PIERRE PNG ARE! hahaha. ok for the latter i need to block out his Mandarin when i watch him in order to enjoy the eye-candy effect, but Zhang Yaodong is just great all ways :P
i am almost jealous of the people who share the house that DYT and ZYD live in.

when i go overseas i am going to miss Together (the 9pm drama) SO. MUCH. and of course my nightly episode updates for redhoticedfire as well :D (can't wait to see you perform tonight!)

and i thought of something while window shopping yesterday...i actually kind of almost nearly quite positively miss mugging. yes it sounds crazy but the mad 'A' level period was honestly enjoyable in the sense that i sort of had something to keep me going.
back then, every morning i woke up knowing what the order of business for that day was.
stark contrast to current times...
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13 December 2009 @ 06:11 pm
i may sound funny saying this, but writing a resume actually makes me feel like i'm taking a bittersweet travel through time.

while approximately 90% of the student population is pre-occupied with overseas university applications (sucks to you guys hehheh),
here i am coming up with my resume!
just in case i need it to apply for a part-time job after i'm back from my holiday...
so i dug out my Students' Handout: Guidelines for Resume or Curriculum Vitae Writing (probably the only useful thing that came out of all the Civics lessons) and subsequently, my dear old Student's Report folder from RGS.
plus a file of other certs and reports collected from the time i started kindergarten until now...

anyway, it was pretty agonising going through all the stuff to fish out what i needed, categorising them under Activities, Awards and Competitions AND sub-categorising them into RI(JC) and RGS...
but in the midst of all the flipping and cross-checking, there was a faint sense of nostalgia somehow.
like if i didn't have my resume to prepare, i probably wouldn't stop to think back and reflect on all that i've done these past 6 years.
i don't know if any potential employer is gonna care about my Bicultural (China) programme modules or Lim Hsiu Mei Commmunity Service Award,
but reminiscing on things like CmPS, Special Needs Project, SYF and everything else just made me realise what a freaking awesome time i've had ever since i stepped into RGS.
(and of cooourse all the bloody fantastic people i've met and befriended these years :D)

oh, but there's one thing i'm happy to leave out of my resume (since it's not included in the guidelines anyway)...
...my grades lor.
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08 December 2009 @ 11:04 pm
can't wait to see Sylvia and Sezairi fight it out during the grand finale.
to be honest, Tabitha performed really well tonight while Sylvia's songs didn't do that much for me, but when it comes to the crunch people are gonna pick the one whom they can relate to.
i think Tabby's age and privileged background ruined her chances...oops. ><
but still she's so young, she has plenty of time ahead to plan her comeback!

for now i'm gonna sit back and wait for 27th Dec to come.
(mediacorp is so smart to hold the grand final a day after i come back from Melbourne. i won't have to miss the action! :D)

prediction: Sylvia's gonna bag the title. it's time for a woman to kick more ass.
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21 November 2009 @ 03:42 am

the feeling of handing in my last A level paper was completely surreal yet oh-so-GOOD.
i actually let out a mini-scream after econs today.
i've come to the end of 3016/3266 at last!

friends, you will all get to experience the sweet taste of freedom really soon. best of luck!!

in the meantime...
the top things on my post-A's to-do list include:
- clearing up the mess in my room which Hurricane A-Level left in its wake,
- hibernating so as to make up for all the past late nights,
- finding a dream holiday job, and
- painting my nails.

after all i probably won't wear my school uniform ever again.
...it's time to go havoc! xD

on a side note, with my sister in Canada and my cousin in Switzerland, being stuck here in Singapore with exams was even more depressing than before. but now that i'm liberated, the world is a better place again. :D
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20 November 2009 @ 12:37 am
i am THISCLOSE to my last paper...to be specific, it will start 14 hours from now.
surreal or what?

i shall save the gloating for later...

Faizal is out, as i personally feel he should have been a long time ago. he has a decent voice but brings no excitement or originality onstage, plus i honestly feel he's not that handsome. the past Idol winners were way more charming. i should know. ^^

oh and let's talk about my virgin vote for this third season of Singapore Idol. i finally picked up the phone to dial the number of...
his performance was ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL i am gonna credit it to his fan who picked the fantastic song and Sezairi for letting himself shine.
Top 3 material, no doubt.

next week's theme: Song For A Cause where the contestants compose their own song plus pick another song choice. TOUGHHHH. but still something to look forward to, though i have a nagging feeling that Charles may fare better next week...oh dear.

he must have spotted at least half of the topics correctly for our 'A' level paper...i am in total awe.
so glad that i decided to follow his advice :D
now if only i can do something about my disastrous handwriting...hope i don't subject my marker to excessive pain...

it's funny how you can end up feeling sympathy for the unlikeliest of all people.
this world is so weird.
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11 November 2009 @ 10:56 pm
Duane is at last out of Singapore Idol. though i think it's a long overdue elimination, i couldn't help feeling a twinge of sadness looking at Tabitha crying her heart out for him, but it's quite expected since they grew to be so close.

Faizal got lucky. too bloody lucky. i don't know what to make of it lah...but the weakest link HAS to go. soooooon.

everyone seems to want an all-girl final. that should be the case but i really have a soft spot for Sezairi, hope he at least makes the Top 3!

next week's theme: Viewers' Choice. interesting.


i am halfway through my A levels!!

in reality, i'm not as excited as i sound though. previously i was so stressed dealing with paper after paper that i haven't had time to sit down and reflect, but now's my chance.

Physical Geog - i was seriously trembling in my seat from the start. the nervous energy was hard to shake off but surprisingly i stuck to the time allocation pretty well. i've never been able to do it before! but i have a nagging feeling that my essays are not fleshed out enough. ahhh screw it i won't think about it anymore. i still <3 physical geog. :)

Chinese Lit - my first cleared subject. no more papers, no more notes to highlight, no more texts to underline, no more Chinese to write. i honestly felt this funny sense of loss, and also it's very surreal thinking about how the fate of CLL is sealed and i cannot do anything more already. but what made me happy was that despite my half-assed mugging, the three major 20-mark questions tested exactly what i could retain in my head so whoo! ;)

Math - shucks despite everyone saying that it was a manageable paper i still worry about it so much cos my carelessness is really astounding no kidding okay and i didn't have enough time to check through stats and i am just seriously not at peace with myself and damn i better stop the rambling now and move on.

GP - craaaap another panic attack for this cos i'm now very unsure about my essay. it's the longest one i've ever written for GP, but what if i totally misinterpreted the question and simply wrote pages of bullshit? arghhhh bloody hell. the list of questions this year was not to my liking to say the least. as for the compre, i was shocked to see that i had just one hour for both my summary and AQ. in the end both were hastily written in horrible cursive handwriting, but the Cambridge markers will just have to deal with that muahaha.

so that's 5 down, 3 more to go.
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10 November 2009 @ 01:35 am
i got no time to write something emotional for physical geography right now...
let's just say i have very mixed feelings about the paper.

in less than 6.5 hours i'm gonna take my paper 2 for Chinese Lit,
12.5 hours, Math.

double trouble? double happiness? hurhur no idea.

the war continues.
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05 November 2009 @ 01:36 am
my first day of 'A' levels was oh-so-dramatic.

you can read and perhaps feel sorry for meCollapse )

ahem. anyway, please please don't jack yourself this way my friends, ALWAYS check your stuff before leaving the house and ALWAYS reach school early.

how could they let Mae go this week? WHYYYYYYYYY?
actually it's obvious that the guys are hogging the votes. dammit dammit dammit.
and *for sure* the judges' save is being reserved for Sylvia because... i just felt like cutting thisCollapse )

and she looked so pretty tonight in both her dresses!
sigh. at least she can spend more time with her family now and she has a loyal group of fans as well.

and my goodness what's up with next week's theme? it's called Killing Me Softly With This Song because the contestants are gonna pick songs for each other. damn sadistic or what? ...but i likeee. :P

P.S.  three celebrity sightings within a week! they were namely Nat Ho, Hong Jun Yang and Candice Toh. i hope you know who they are, if not shame on you!

next paper: Physical Geog on monday.
-cue panic attack-

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